He is best doctor who understand patient as well as he is very knowledgeable doctor and perfectly diagnose health issue very quickly.

Visited for Cancer Treatment

Completely satisfied with the treatment under Dr. Mangesh Mekha.
Sir is very patient with all kinds of questions and provides clarity on each and every query to the patients satisfaction.
His analysis of the patient and their problems…and the line of treatment he provides is very good.
we have seen great results in our particular case.
I appreciate Dr. Mekha and would like to thank him for everything.

Visited for Chemotherapy

Our family was in shock when came to know that my mom got breast cancer..it was bad situation for us.
Thanks to God that it is detected in initial phase.We started a treatment with a Mangesh Mekha…
one of the specialist oncologist.We have found him very helpful.He gave proper chemotherapy treatment to my mom.
He explain what need to follow and what need to take care at the time of treatment and post chemo.
We bother him a lot with a phone calls for small small things but he used to pick up our calls at any time and used to give valuable
suggestions after post chemo as well.
we have found him very helpful and cooperative.till point of time, he did 3 chemos. I will expect same response from him and I am sure he will provide
for remaining chemos. at last thanks for all support.

Visited for Chemotherapy

My mother was suffering for advanced stage Lung Cancer and it reached to a point where there were multiple other complications started happening. While we lost my mother as medically only so much could be done at that stage but Dr Mekha was a great help. He has always been available to address any query both in the Hospital as well as over phone. He was upright in letting us know the situation while also continue to try the best of medicines. He was our true a “Family Doctor” for us and I must say I can’t thank him enough for his availability and support! I would highly recommend him to anyone!!

Visited for Lung Cancer

I consulted this doctor for chemotherapy for ca breast ..I was just scared about disease first but when I mate Dr Mangesh he done the best counseling..l got new courage to fight with my life..Now I am on regular chemotherapy..I will complete therapy and will get rid of the disease …Thanks to Dr Mangesh Mekha ….I will definitely recommend this Oncologist to others ….

Shobha Paralkar

Really very good and well-experienced doctor. He introduced his patience by answering each and every question silently. He helped to remove the fear. If you are looking for ONCOLOGIST in Pune, you must visit Dr MANGESH MEKHA sir…

Pushpa katake

I visited dr for my father’s prostate cancer treatment. Dr Mangesh explains us about the disease and how to cure it. He suggested some Medical treatment for my father and after that,  i can see the reduction in the number of cancerous cells. Dr Mangesh positive attitude develops faith in patients mind.

Payal Singh