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Cancer Treatment in Pune

Cancer is completely curable if it is diagnosed and treated properly in the earlier stages. Even in the later stages of cancer where the complete cure is not possible, the person can have a meaningful life with the disease. the only thing required is Correct diagnosis and management. Poona onco care is one of the leading cancer hospitals in Pune. Our vision is to strengthen and empower cancer patients to make their life better during and after the cancer treatment. It is counted under the best hospitals in Pune for cancer treatment. It provides treatment to all type of cancers including lung, breast Cancer, prostate cancer.

cancer treatment in Pune

Cancer Treatment in Pune

Cancer Treatment in Pune РDr. Mangesh Mekha What is cancer? Uncontrollable growth of cells, leads to cancer. It results in tumor and damages immune system. Fewer cancer cells grow rapidly while other grow slowly. Cancer cells can spread in other parts of body through lymph nodes. Cancerous cells prevent body organs to function properly. Preventable causes of cancer РExcess alcohol consumption Overweight Malnutrition Less physical work Cancer Treatment Р Cancer specialist usually give treatment depending on type of cancer, what is the stage of cancer and [...]