Cancer Treatment in Pune

cancer treatment in Pune

Cancer Treatment in Pune

Cancer Treatment in Pune – Dr. Mangesh Mekha

What is cancer?

Uncontrollable growth of cells, leads to cancer. It results in tumor and damages immune system. Fewer cancer cells grow rapidly while other grow slowly. Cancer cells can spread in other parts of body through lymph nodes. Cancerous cells prevent body organs to function properly.

Preventable causes of cancer –

  1. Excess alcohol consumption
  2. Overweight
  3. Malnutrition
  4. Less physical work

Cancer Treatment –

 Cancer specialist usually give treatment depending on type of cancer, what is the stage of cancer and patient’s health. Chemotherapy, hormone therapy, immunotherapy, radiation therapy and stem cell transplant are various treatments used for cancer treatment.

Different types of cancer-

  • bladder
  • colon and rectal
  • endometrial
  • kidney
  • leukemia
  • liver
  • non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma
  • pancreatic
  • thyroid

Who is best doctor for cancer treatment in Pune?

Dr. Mangesh Mekha is best Cancer Specialist in Pune. He has considerable experience of 10 years in the field of medicine and has treated a number of patients. In 2016, Dr. Mekha has successfully completed his DM in Oncology, MD and MBBS in 2011 and 2005 respectively. During his tenure, he was associated with Medical Oncology at Gujarat Cancer Research Institute, Ahmedabad and Consultant Medical Oncologist at Jehangir Hospital, Pune. Also, he was conferred with first prize In APGCON.

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